You can translate CraftStudio in your own language, and it's pretty easy!

List of existing translationsEdit

(This list is awfully out of date, your best bet is to simply check the translations available in-game and offer to help if a translation for your language isn't available or out of date) Translations are named by their language codes (list of possible codes )

Language Client Launcher Website Contributor(s)
en-US always up-to-date
fr-FR always up-to-date
de-DE alpha sk2k
he (RTL support pending) (RTL support pending) pre-alpha Galman33
pt-BR ? ? raalph








pl-PL ? ? kamac

? ? LENJ
es-ES 0.0.15.x ? ? nolver
it-IT (in progress) ? ? ricscar

How to start a new translationEdit

Before starting, please make sure you don't duplicate effort by checking the table of existing translations above.

Once you've started working on your translation, make sure to add it to the table!

Downloading the filesEdit

Localization files (the files containing the strings to translate) are hosted at If you know how to use Mercurial / BitBucket, go ahead and fork the repository.

Otherwise, you need to download the following files:

  • CraftStudio/Common.resx
  • CraftStudio/BlockTypeShapes.resx
  • CraftStudio/BlockShapeFaces.resx
  • CraftStudio/GameObjectComponents.resx
  • CraftStudioLauncher/Strings.resx

You might want to use Simple Resx Editor for editing and updating translations, it looks pretty great.

Create your own language filesEdit

Create a copy of all the above files by adding a dot and your language code before ".resx" to their name. For instance: "Common.resx" becomes "" for Brazilian Portuguese.

Edit the filesEdit

Replace the content of the <value> tags inside <data> tags (don't edit <value> tags in <resheader> tags!) with your favorite text editor (Notepad++ is a good one). Don't edit anything else!

If you can, ensure your files are encoded in UTF-8 (In Notepad++, click the Encoding menu and select Convert to UTF-8). If you can't do it, don't worry, I'll take care of it.

Submit your translationEdit

The simplest way to submit your translation is to send it by e-mail to If you know how to use Mercurial, you could commit your changes, push them to a public repository and send me a pull request

Thanks for translating CraftStudio! :D

Translating the websiteEdit

To translate the websites, you'll need to:

You can then send the files to me by e-mail (elisee at Thanks a bunch!

(Alternatively you can fork the repository on bitbucket and send me a pull request)