Returns the tile size of the tile set.

[number] TileSet:GetTileSize()

Example: Getting the tile size of a map renderer's mapEdit

function Behavior:Awake()
    -- Get the map renderer component from the object
    local mapRndr = self.gameObject:GetComponent( "MapRenderer" )
    -- Get the map from the map renderer component
    local map = mapRndr:GetMap()
    -- Get the tile set associated with the map (we're getting there!)
    local tileSet = map:GetTileSet()
    -- Get and print the tile size
    print( tileSet:GetTileSize() )


Returns a TileSet.BlockShape for the specified block type ID in the tile set. Check out the BlockShape page to view the values of the BlockShape enumeration.

[TileSet.BlockShape] TileSet:GetBlockTypeShape( [number] block_type_id )