This page contains a rough list of major features expected for upcoming releases. It might change at any time, there's no guarantee anything in the list will actually make it into CraftStudio.

Versioning schemeEdit

Check the version history for a detailed list of changes that made it into each released version.

  • CraftStudio Pre-alpha defined the basics of the platform. The first pre-alpha release happened in September 2011
  • CraftStudio Alpha (June 2012 to March 2013) added many improvements including scripting support, both text-based (Lua) and visual, which means CraftStudio was finally able to make actual games!
  • CraftStudio Beta (Late April 2013, current line of release) added a redesigned user interface, an integrated physics engine, Linux support and much more.
  • CraftStudio Stable will add the Store / Library for sharing assets & games and polish all around.

Upcoming featuresEdit

This section contains a list of major planned features in no particular order. Smaller features or improvements are listed on the bugtracker .

  • Soon
    • Saving / loading system
    • Better Linux support (still quite buggy)
  • Built-in store to share / sell games and assets
  • Later
    • Proper script error reporting (have two runtime versions: debug & optimized)
    • Autocompletion for scripts
    • Dynamic lighting engine
    • Activity Log & Task list
    • Interactive tutorial
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