Maps are infinite grids of blocks. They can be used for creating game environments with repeating features.

You can set up your own block types by choosing from a set of predefined block shapes and paint them as you wish.

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Placing blocksEdit

Blocks can be oriented North, East, South or West. They are placed relative to your own orientation.

Block typesEdit

Each map has a linked tile set, which defines the block types used in the map. You can reuse the same tile set across multiple maps (the interface do to that is not yet implemented as of, for instance when making multiple levels with the same look.

You can define up to 255 different block types.

Each block type can have one of the following shapes: Cube, Pane, Stairs, Slope, Inverted Slope, Horizontal Slab, Vertical Slab, Post. More will be added in later versions.


You can paint block types in the Paint tab.

Just click on the texture to paint.

  • You can change the brush size by using the dropdown menu next to the color picker button
  • You can hold Shift down to draw straight lines.
  • Right-clicking on a pixel will pick its color.

You can define how the block's faces are unwrapped on the texture by changing the Unwrap Mode and dragging the faces outlines on the texture.