This tutorial aims to teach you how to create a game from A to Z. It focuses mainly on scripting and assumes that you already know how to make a model, texture, map and integrate everything in a scene. If this is not the case, I invite you to read the user guide and watch few video tutorials presented on the homepage of this wiki.

This tutorial uses only Lua scripts (text).

Learn LuaEdit

This tutorial assumes that you already have some programming and Lua skills.

Lua is a pretty simple and flexible scripting language. Scripting in Lua with CraftStudio allows you to control your game world and make your player inerract with it.

If you are already familiar with programming, this tutorial Sneak peek at Lua for experienced programmers will teach you almost everythings you have to know about Lua to get started in just a few minutes of time.

For those of you who seek more in-depth information, the official tutorialsare a great resource.

Beginners may look at the Lua crash course or this complete tutorial. If you are really new to programming, you may want to look at any beginner programming tutorial because the basic concepts (variables, conditions, loops, tables and functions) are similar in almost every programming language.

Create your very first gameEdit

The following steps will help you create a small shooter (pretty close to "Doomsday Carrot Rampage" you can try from the CraftStudio home page ). This tutorial assumes that you have some programming skills and solid geometry knowledge (vectors, planes ...)

Create your first script, bind it to an object, make a "hello world"

Move your character

Make a menu, switch scene, leave the game

Turn our character and throw bullets

Add enemies

Add a HUD