Here's a list of commands that might be useful in managing a server. Commands should be entered in the chat edit box.

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/search [search_string]

Type this in the project's home tab to look for assets containing the specified text in their name. The command returns all matches with some info about each. This is useful for locating assets that have been trashed and you want to restore.



This awesome pony was rescued using the Restore command.

/restore [asset_id]

This will untrash the asset with the specified ID. The server will try to restore the asset to its parent folder, but if the folder has been deleted, it will it put the restored asset at the root instead.

(You can also restore assets directly from the administration tab instead of using commands)


/open [asset_id]

Similar to the previous two, this command needs to be typed in the project's home tab. It will open the asset with the given id if it exists and it hasn't been trashed.

Get an asset's ID


Type this command in an asset's tab to get its ID. You can then share it with other people and they can use it to join you with the /open command.

Get a link to the current projectEdit


Prints a link you can share on the Web for people to join your project.

Get the current project's GUIDEdit


Displays the project's globally-unique identifier. Might be useful if you want to know which folder contains which project.

Delete a projectEdit

You can unload and disable a project, provided you have admin rights on the server (being an administrator of the project is not enough). To do so, type the following command:


and add a space followed by "yes for real".

All members will be disconnected, the project will be unloaded and the project's folder will be renamed to "[Project GUID] (deleted)". It is up to you to delete the folder once and for all.

If you change you mind, stop the server, remove the " (deleted)" part of the folder name and restart the server.